No two people (or VR users) are the same, right? Well no two kids are the same either. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re more different from each other than we are as adults. We so quickly hit an age where we begin to conform into the norms that society pushe— sorry, apparently I’m getting off track. Where I meant to go was: RJ here has developed a way for us to completely customize our VR experiences precisely to the needs and desires of the child at hand. It’s a comprehensive engine that allows us to control various factors on a case by case basis, because no two people, users, or kids have the same needs.

As each of our experiences is completely customizable, every VR session is personalized for the individuals’ needs and desires. We can adjust the overall length, where you begin the adventure (different locations in our environment), and how you can move through the experience (moving your head around vs. physically moving forward within the environment down a path, etc.).

Child wearing the Oculus Rift Headset

With the ability to adjust and personalize, we can introduce VR slowly, beginning with a short 3-minute experience. This little “Intro” simply allows you to become comfortable and aware within the new space. It’s a totally mind-altering experience, literally transporting you to another place entirely (mentally, at least), and we don’t take that lightly! We don’t want to throw anyone in too quickly, but instead slowly get them comfortable and used to this awesome new way of seeing. It’s an amazing, engaging, immersive world that we believe is more beneficial than anything else.

All in all, we’ve done our absolute best to develop a VR experience that is smooth, customizable, and uses a comfortable, practical HMD. We’re pretty darn proud of this and believe that we’re really only at the beginning of something quite amazing. Join us!