A brief word from the VR Kids team:

Summer is quickly approaching! You may know the signs: hot weather, pool visits, and cookouts! We ask that you think of the children we visit who are confined to a bed, home, or hospital this season. Just like the rest of us, they see the signs of summer as well but the odds of them going out, enjoying the weather and festivities, are small- if not impossible in some cases. We are committed to bringing relaxing and therapeutic experiences to as many kids as we can as the temperature rises. Thank you for the continued support to help us help more kids! We sincerely wish you and your family a happy and safe summer! Thank you- The VR Kids Team

Enhancements to our VR Experience

The team has been working hard on our VR experience, “Journey to the Big Bear Festival!” As we have more hospital visits with older kids and teenagers, one request was to have a scarier element in VR- so we did just that. This past week we were able to debut our new, spooky experience aimed at older kids, and they have absolutely loved it! We are excited to continue to add to our VR experience and make it customizable for all ages!

New Volunteers​​

We are so happy to officially announce that our volunteer program is up and running! So far, we’ve had two orientations and we have another one scheduled later this month. Thank you Sunrise and UMC hospitals for donating rooms for training. As our volunteer staff grows, so will our hospital visits! Special thanks to our new volunteers- we are excited to bring you all onboard! As always, there are many ways to volunteer! If you are interested, please visit https://www.vrkids.org/get-involved.aspx.